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How To Get Better At Things You Don't Know You're Bad At By 2020

By: Jose Franco

The goal of my story is to bring attention to the things we don’t think we’re bad at and help individuals work through the unconscious resistance. This will involve a great deal of introspection and even then, it’s an extremely difficult job. One doesn’t usually have proper insight into ones own emotional makeup. Most of us spend our time trying to rationalize our behavior as a result of our lack of self awareness.

Openness and awareness begins with the ability to self-critique and reflect upon things central to one’s own beliefs, thoughts, actions, behavior, and results. Openness can inform private, personal or group discussions. Ideally, all capable people should look for reasons to start/continue the work of self improvement. Nobody is equal to anybody. Even the same person is not equal to him/herself on different days. The first steps to continuous improvement is to know yours...

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