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Encouraging Marriage & Discouraging Divorce : The Scientific Case for Marriage in Light of Quran and Sunnah: The Scientific Case for Marriage in Light of Quran and Sunnah

By Mushtaq , Gohar, Dr.

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Book Id: WPLBN0100302468
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Reproduction Date: 12/01/2019

Title: Encouraging Marriage & Discouraging Divorce : The Scientific Case for Marriage in Light of Quran and Sunnah: The Scientific Case for Marriage in Light of Quran and Sunnah  
Author: Mushtaq , Gohar, Dr.
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Social Sciences, Marriage and divorce in light of Islam and Science
Collections: Religion, Authors Community
Publication Date:
Publisher: Mushtaq Publishing Press
Member Page: Gohar Mushtaq


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Mushtaq, D. G. (2019). Encouraging Marriage & Discouraging Divorce : The Scientific Case for Marriage in Light of Quran and Sunnah. Retrieved from

This book uses a unique approach in describing the Benefits of Marriage in light of Quran, sunnah and modern scientific research & Harms of Being Single, It also presents social scientific research about Single Men and Psychological Illnesses, COURTSHIP, DATING AND PREMARITAL RELATIONS, Lust at First Sight, Not Love at First Sight, Courtship, Dating and Premarital Love, EVILS AND TERRORIZING DANGERS OF DIVORCE, Divorce is a Lose-Lose Situation for Everyone, Parental Divorce and Crime Rates among their Children, different psychologies of men and women

The book "Encouraging Marriage & Discouraging Divorce" by W estern trained medical scientist Dr. Gohar Mushtaq is an excellent source of inspiration and information for Muslim youth and Muslim elderly alike. This book accentuates the benefits of marriage and explains that marriage is not just simply “living together” but it has profound medical and social benefits. Quite uniquely, this book also provides, in a scientific way, an in-depth evidence for the terrorizing harms of divorce on individuals, children and society at large. Practical suggestions have also been provided to young Muslim couples to avoid conflicts in their marital life and lead a blissful, nuptial life. The author has provided evidence from Qur’an and Sunnah, a wealth of statistics, a sound reasoning to explain them, and evidences from 100s of published scientific studies to make a scientific case to encourage marriages and discourage divorce.

Today, we are living in the age of Dajjal. The present day culture of Dajjal is inherently against the family system. In the modern age, legal changes have made divorce easier and the stigma of divorce has largely disappeared from almost all the modern societies. Marital breakdown and divorce harms individuals as well as the whole society. In the words of Patrick Fagan, a cultural expert and former family counselor: “The effects of marital breakdown on national prosperity and the well-being of individual children are like the action of termites on the beams in a home's foundations. They are weakening, quietly but seriously, the structural underpinnings of society.” Social scientific studies have demonstrated that children of divorced parents suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. Such children encounter deprivations, addictions and failures in their lives. Divorce increases poverty level of families. Divorce of parents leaves a deep psychological scar on the personalities of children for the rest of their lives. Children from divorced parent families commit more crimes than children from intact families. In the United States alone, for instance, over half of prison inmates are from broken homes. Parental divorce also results in more child abuse, child neglect, early deaths and increased suicide rates of kids. Children of divorced parents perform poorly in schools and colleges and have lower graduation rates as compared to children from intact, always-married parents as it is shown in this book. Islam does not totally ban divorce. Of course, in cases of severe need, Islam has kept this exit door open. In Islam, divorce is the last resort for married couple to end their problems. Divorce is definitely lesser of the two evils when it is compared to the physical violence or adultery of the marital partner. However, the evil consequences of divorce are horrifying, terrifying and petrifying and Muslims need to be educated about those harms of divorce so that they can make an intelligent decision in cases of marital conflict.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 9 MARRIAGE – IN LIGHT OF QUR’AN AND SUNNAH 9 Chapter 2 12 MUSLIM YOUTH: THE VICTIMS OF LATE MARRIAGES 12 Benefits of Marriage & Harms of Being Single 13 Single Men and Psychological Illnesses 14 Single Men and Crimes Rates 15 Single Men and Low Salaries 17 Single Men and Early Deaths 18 Advice of Islamic Scholars to Muslim Youth 20 Solution for the Muslim Youth 23 Chapter 3 27 COURTSHIP, DATING AND PREMARITAL RELATIONS 27 The Rise of Promiscuity in the Western Societies 27 Lust at First Sight, Not Love at First Sight 30 Courtship, Dating and Premarital Love 31 Online Dating and the Story of a Spider and a Fly 35 The Horrifying Dangers of Online Dating 38 Chapter 4 43 THE EVILS AND TERRORIZING DANGERS OF DIVORCE 43 Divorce is a Lose-Lose Situation for Everyone 44 Divorce Reduces Living Standards of Families 45 Harms of Divorce Extend to Children and Grandchildren 47 Parental Divorce and Crime Rates among their Children 47 Parental Divorce and Child Abuse 49 Parental Divorce and Early Deaths of their Children 50 Parental Divorce and Increasing Suicide Rate among their Children 51 Parental Divorce and Poor Academic Performance of their Children 52 Parental Divorce and Lower Graduation Rates of their Children 53 Chapter 5 55 ARE THREE DIVORCE PRONOUNCEMENTS ON A SINGLE OCCASION COUNTED AS ONE? 55 Step by Step Summary of the Divorce Process based on the Islamic Teachings 56 Evidence from the Qur’an Regarding Three Divorce Pronouncements Equivalent to One Divorce 59 Evidence from the Prophetic Sayings 61 Evidence from the Sayings of Prophetic Companions (Sahaaba) 64 Evidence from the Sayings of Islamic Scholars 65 Reason behind the Implementation of Punishment by the Second Caliph 69 Caliph Umar’s Later Regret for Implementing Such Punishment 70 Arguments of Ibn Taymiyyah to Support Three Divorce Pronouncements Being Equivalent to One 71 The Islamic Position on Halalah (tahleel) Marriage 74 Divorce in a State of Severe Anger 76 Prohibition of Giving Divorce during a Woman’s Menstrual Periods 78 Chapter 6 83 MEN ARE FROM MARWA, WOMEN ARE FROM SAFA – DIFFERENT PSYCHOLOGIES OF MEN AND WOMEN 83 Men must understand Emotional Nature of Women 84 Psychological Changes in Women during Menstrual Cycles 85 Suicide Attempts during Pre-menstrual Syndrome 86 Depression and Aggression during Pre-menstrual Syndrome 87 Accidents and Misconducts during Pre-menstrual Syndrome 87 Chapter 7 90 HOW TO SAVE MUSLIM HOMES AND MARRIAGES 90 Wife Needs Love & Care, Husband Wants Respect 90 Some Suggestions to Promote and Save Marriages 93 Women’s Superiority in Making Marriages Successful 94 Does Divorce Make Unhappy People Any Happier? 95 Beware of Anger – the Chief Enemy of Marriage 96 Importance of Developing Tolerance and Taqwa among Muslim Couples 99 Importance of Staying in the Company of Pious People 101 Feelings of Regret after Divorce 102 There is a Hope if You Show Patience – Unhappy Marriages Get Better with Time 104 Conclusion 107


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